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Pardog - Neapolitan Dog - Italo-Australian project and selection

The "Pardog" was born from the commitment and tenacity of a group of men whose common intention was to create a new breed of dogs capable of facing up to the Australian Dingo (wild dog), ancient dog used for haunting, which returned to its natural state about 7-8 thousand years ago.
The project and selection of this new race originated from the minds of 2 men: Luigi Langella, Neapolitan, with his innate interest and passion for dogs, and Frank V. Mannhaut, Australian, also very keen on dogs and a sheep farmer. He needed to face the many raids of his sheep, whose wool is very valuable, by the Austrialian Dingo.
Therefore, the Pardog Project originated out of necessity and was realized in 1985, a year in which all the steps to create a new breed of dogs were analyzed and programmed and that should have contained in it the excellence of a few races with the univocal purpose of creating a dog capable of facing up to the Australian Dingo. This ambitious project required the employment of 2 different specialized working groups, one situated in Italy and one in Australia, which for 15 years, with the aid of cutting-edge machinery, started the current breed of dogs called "Pardog", a race which can be considered as being excellent as far as it concerns the Dingo problem.
The breeds of dogs selected and used for the selection of the "Pardog" are listed hereafter and each of them has contributed with the peculiar characteristics of its own species:

  • The Neapolitan Mastiff, in particular the archaic type, 17% genetically used, has contributed with its physical power, its guttural and deep growl (excellent deterrent against Dingos' attacks), its determination (demonstrated against wild boar and bull attacks), and last but not least, its marked aptitude for guarding defined by most as careful and silent, concrete and without alarmism.
  • The German Shepherd, 15% genetically used, considered to be a very intelligent race, highly prone to personal defence and to the defence of men and sheep.
  • The Stafford Bull Terrier 14% genetically used, has contributed with its courage and combativeness, furthermore it represents a very balanced dog, and under its muscular and bony appearance with a much better ratio compared to all the other breeds of dogs.
  • The Bull Terrier, 16% genetically used, has brought its dynamism, sprint and rapidity, called the gladiator of the breeds of dogs, its task was to instil its fighting spirit in the Pardog.
  • The Dogo Argentino, 18% genetically used, has contributed with its indifference to pain and indomitable and fighting personality which make it incomparable and inimitable during big game haunting.
  • The Australian Dingo, 20% genetically used, majority percentage which has contributed with its decisive attack instinct, and thanks to its rusticity, it has contributed to the new dog with a constitution able to cope with alternating periods of heat and drought and cold and rain.

The journey to arrive to the Pardog was long and tiring, filled with obstacles but also very satisfying, especially when from the mixing of races true impeccable specimens emerged and were selected, in short a true champion, increasing this way, at best, every evolution step and improving more and more the genetic store of the "Pardog" race.

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